Lolly Willowes: Opera in Two Acts

Poster and promotional videos for Lolly Willowes (Opera in Two Acts):

Lolly Willowes (Opera in Two Acts, 2017-18) by Michael Alec Rose, is based on the 1926 novel by Sylvia Townsend Warner. The opera was funded by the maximum Artist Development Grant ($15,000) from the Houston Arts Alliance, together with an online fundraising campaign (which reached a stretch goal of $8,500), with a professional company of singers, players, theatrical director, choreography for two dancers, costume designer, set designer, etc.). Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston (MATCH), April 18 and 20, 2019:

Lolly Willowes Poster 12x18.jpg

Video 1: Michael Alec Rose on Lolly Willowes:


Video 2: Producer and violinist Matt Lammers discusses the process through which Lolly Willowes was brought to life:


Video 3: Chelsea Helm talks about her role as Lolly Willowes in this tale of female empowerment and self discovery:


Video 4: Lee Hallman talks about her role as one of the producers of Lolly Willowes:


Video 5: Our quartet talks about the adventurous role they play in #lollywillowes2019, including: acting while playing, smashing instruments onstage, and kazoos:


Video 6: AJ Garcia-Rameau talks about the process of choreographing and dancing in Lolly Willowes:


Video 7: It took 7 years for Lolly Willowes to become a full-fledged production. To celebrate, here’s a video documenting the hard work and silly tidbits of our cast and crew: